Manufacturer of Seat Rails N SPORT

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT​

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT

safety standards

Safety standards

Products designed to satisfy safety standards.

N SPORT seat rails*1 that have passed strength tests conducted by public organizations and specialized facilities are compliant with safety standards.
Safety Standards of the Road Transport Vehicle Act: With reference to the applicable items indicated in Article 22, we attach a test report certifying that the standards have been met, and a safety standard compliance label*2 is affixed to the test report and product itself.
If the test report or safety standard compliance label requires replacement, we can reissue these documents for a fee of 1,000 yen plus shipping and tax. We regret we cannot supply these documents by fax or other means. We recommend you keep the test report with your vehicle registration and attach the safety standard compliance label in a location that is readily visible on the outside of the seat rail.

*1 Strength tests are conducted with seats made by Recaro Automotive Seating and Bride Co., Ltd. Seats other than those are not compliant with safety standards.
Please note that motor vehicle inspectors and examiners may highlight factors that can lead to failure of vehicle inspections, such as interference between the seat and the car’s interior, or a hip point that differs significantly from the vehicle’s original design.

*2 A serial number confirming that the seat rail mounted in the vehicle has cleared the strength test indicated in the test report (compliance) is printed on the safety standard compliance label.

Seating strength testing

Seating strength testing (seat and seat rail)


Strength testing of seat belt mounting bracket


Verification of seat belt mounting position


Safety standards compliance label is affixed.


Test report