Manufacturer of Seat Rails N SPORT

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT​

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT



Established in 2017, N SPORT is a manufacturer specializing in seat rails for automotive aftermarket seats.
We have been involved in the development of seat rails since the beginning of the aftermarket seat industry in Japan.
We will continue to incorporate feedback while applying the experience and expertise we have gained from seat rail development as an OEM for numerous manufacturing enterprises.

Focused on Seating

Our industry is focused mainly on the seats typically used as furniture and as seating in motor vehicles.
In order to provide the ideal driving position, manufacturers must develop seats that suit the human body while also focusing carefully on the seat rail, a significant element that is essential for the installation of the seat in the vehicle. Moreover, differences exist not only with the particular seat application, such as full bucket or reclining seating, but also in the type of vehicle the seating is being installed in, such as a sedan, coupe, sports car or minivan. We thus believe that our manufacturing expertise holds the key to a successful product.

In order to achieve a seating position that minimizes any difficulties arising from seat replacement — such as the range of the slide adjustment, the angle of the seat surface, and appropriate alignment with the center of the steering wheel— it is essential to perform advanced and precise calculations that accommodate the characteristics of each vehicle type. With the goal of achieving 100% compatibility to the extent possible, we make an unstinting effort in the pursuit of better seating by acknowledging that individual body shapes and the needs of seated drivers and passengers can differ.

Hiromitsu Harada, CEO

Company's Motto

Giving all requests our utmost attention, we make every effort to satisfy customer needs with a “can-do” spirit.



The company begins designing and manufacturing dedicated seat rails as the first Recaro seats are imported and introduced.


The company becomes independent and begins manufacturing and selling seat rails as an OEM for manufacturing enterprises.


The business is transferred to N SPORT, Ltd. and the company begins
manufacturing and selling seat rails under the N SPORT brand.


Released the first seat rail in Japan’s automotive aftermarket equipped with a linear slider.

Licence & Qualification

Intellectual Property Right (Patent)
Name and Manufacturing Method for Vehicle Seats
Special Application 2004-136227
Patent No. 4491272

Company information

Business Name


Hiromitsu Harada

Date Established
October 20, 2017
Scope of Business
Manufacture and sale of automotive seat rails

1-1-4 Yokoe, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0865, Japan


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Business hours

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, 
and during Golden Week, the summer holiday, and year-end and New Year holidays

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