Manufacturer of Seat Rails N SPORT

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT​

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT



N SPORT manufactures seat rails that are designed to provide not only the assurance of safety but also smooth sliding action that is an essential aspect of seat rails. We manufacture a variety of types that are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Moreover, whenever a new innovation related to seat rail manufacturing is developed, such as component, structure or design, we adopt it. As a result, our products will continue to evolve into the future.
エヌスポーツ(N SPORT)製 シートレールについて 概要

Development system

Direct welding to the slider is minimized through the use of rivets.
This ensures smooth sliding action.

The metal slider is the heart of the seat rail. When welding is performed directly on the slider, it undergoes thermal expansion followed by contraction. The metal distortion that results in this case is the largest contributor to seat rails with faulty sliding action.
The sliders and the mounting frame of N SPORT products are secured with rivets. Direct welding to the sliders is performed only as a supplementary process.
This approach reduces the welding points to a very small number, which contributes to the maintenance of smooth sliding action.*

*Other factors contributing to slide failure include inappropriate mounting methods and age-related distortion of the vehicle. In many cases these issues can be eliminated through adjustment and use of proper mounting methods.

エヌスポーツ(N SPORT)製 シートレールについて 研究・開発体制

Manufacturing with Human-Centered Design

N SPORT engages in “human-focused manufacturing” according to our philosophy of employing human-centered design for all our products.
Our low-position seat rails are designed for sports cars that require a low seating position, while our seat rails for minivans and SUVs allow for a variety of seating positions for various usage scenarios. Moreover, we pay close attention to differences in the angle of recline on the surfaces of the original seating. These differences arise between the various motor vehicle categories as well as differences in the tilt angle of the original equipment seat to accommodate variations in the human physique around the world. These efforts enable us to offer optimal products.
For models with ample space under the seats, we adopt designs that minimize the view of the bottom of the seat in the interest of aesthetic appeal.
エヌスポーツ(N SPORT)製 シートレールについて 研究・開発体制

Production system

We manufacture all our seat rails at our own factory in Japan.
We ensure that skilled tradespeople carefully craft each one of our
domestically manufactured products in every step from welding to
assembly of all components of the seat rail.

Quality control system

While all our seat rails are made to order, the lead timeuntil product
shipment is usually around three business days after the order is placed.*
We remain committed to fast delivery.All products undergo visual
inspection by skilled tradespeople who check for scratches at each point
and manually verify the smooth operation of the sliders before shipment.
*Delivery may be delayed during busy periods and if parts are out of stock.

Support system

We can flexibly respond to requests (even after installation) for raising or lowering of the front or rear of the seat rail, or for shifting the seat rail sliders toward the front or rear.
If we carry no standard product for your specific vehicle, we can measure and manufacture a product specifically for your needs.
We invite you to contact us directly for details on production costs and delivery date.

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