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Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT​

Manufacturer and wholesaler of seat rails for motor vehicles N SPORT

New Products


New Products

An innovative seat rail featuring a linear slider

Coming soon! An innovative seat rail featuring a linear slider
This is the first seat rail*1 in Japan’s automotive aftermarket to feature a linear slider. The linear slider incorporates an upper rail that slides inside the lower rail.
Almost all automobile manufacturers, both domestic Japanese and offshore, have adopted it as an original equipment seat rail.
This innovative linear slider provides a surprisingly smooth slide action.


・Reduced weight

Thanks to the greater structural strength of this seat rail compared with conventional products, thinner steel has been used in order to reduce weight.

Extended slider range

Thanks to the reduced weight of this seat rail, the overall length has been increased, resulting in extended slider range.*2
When the seat is slid forward or rearward from the neutral position*3, the overlapping portion of the top and bottom rails is greater than what is typical with a conventional product. In addition to providing greater resistance to loads thanks to the increased engagement of the rails, this design provides greater resistance to frontward and rearward force in the event of a collision.

・Enhanced slide action and increased durability

Thanks to the greater strength provided by this design, distortion is less likely to occur and slide action and durability are improved.

*1 We are the first seat rail manufacturer in Japan to support all auto makers.
*2 While conventional products offer 210 mm of slider range, our linear model provides 260 mm of range.
*3 The position at which the upper and lower rails are at maximum overlap with no forward or rearward extension